Kaley Cuoco, Pete Davidson’s IRL Dating, Cute Wasn’t Cute

In Meet cute, Kaley Cuoco is a time traveler who keeps having the same first date with a guy named Gary (really? Gary?), played by Pete Davidson. This groundhog day-as the premise is always a less bizarre set of circumstances than the star’s first actual encounter. “He was attached to this movie way before me. … Read more

Kathy Griffin roasts Chris Pine for skipping Jimmy Kimmel

This week alone, Chris Pine missed two promotional appearances for don’t worry darling, which has been mired in a particularly messy publicity tour. First, Pine didn’t show up for the New York premiere, which he smoothed over by sending a pre-recorded video message. A day later, he gave up an interview to Jimmy Kimmel live. … Read more

‘The Midnight Club’ Trailer Reveals Mike Flanagan’s New Series

Mike Flanagan is back with another horror series for Netflix. Following critical acclaim, Midnight Mass (and The Haunting of Hill House), Flanagan returns with a 10-episode adaptation by Christopher Pike The Midnight Club. (As well as a few of the author’s other works for good measure.) The show will feature a group of terminally ill … Read more

Kristin Chenoweth Reveals She Won’t Return to ‘Family Feud’ After NSFW Response

Kristin Chenoweth appeared in an episode of Celebrity family feud in August this year with a few of her friends, but according to her, this will be her last appearance. During a visit to The Jennifer Hudson ShowChenoweth recounted the embarrassing moment when she gave an inappropriate answer to one of the show’s questions. The … Read more

Kody worries about looking “unmanly” when Christine is gone

Kody Brown said Christine deciding to leave him was an “injustice” and made him feel “manly”. The couple discussed the next steps in their split on Sunday’s episode of “Sister Wives.” Christine said she was nervous telling Kody’s other women that she was no longer their sister. Loading Something is loading. On Sunday’s episode of … Read more