‘Documentary now!’ Season 4 trailer with Helen Mirren: WATCH

Dame Helen Mirren won an Oscar for her measured and resonant portrayal of Queen Elizabeth in the 2006 film The Queen. You might think that’s the main reason Mirren is making headlines this week, given the timing of the late monarch’s funeral. But not so. Equally, if not more importantly, Mirren returns as host for IFC’s upcoming 53rd (okay, fourth) season. Documentary now! “Stories that dare to speak the truth have never been more crucial to our culture,” Mirren says with regal gravity in the new trailer teasing the series’ return on October 19. “Today more than ever, the world needs Documentary Now!

Joining Mirren in the new season of documentary parodies from creators Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, Seth Meyers, and Rhys Thomas are guest stars Cate Blanchett, Alexander Skarsgård, Nicholas Braun, Jamie Demetriou, and more. The trailer offers a preview of an episode titled “My Monkey Grifter“, inspired by the documentary My octopus teacherwhere Stath rents apartments Star Demetriou plays “a filmmaker who forms a deep, emotional and financially straining relationship with a monkey.” There’s also a preview of the two-part season premiere written by John Mulaney, “Soldier of Illusion,” in which Succession Star Braun tells a story about the confusion between an “arthouse cinema” and a “porn theatre”.

The fourth season of the six-time Emmy-nominated series, the first since 2019, will consist of six new episodes parodying documentaries such as The Burden of Dreams, Three Lounges by the Sea, The September Issue, When We Were Kings, Gleaners and me, Agnès Beaches, My octopus teacher, and more, according to IFC. It’s too early to speculate, but maybe season five will poke fun at the inevitable documentary to be made about the response to Queen Elizabeth’s death, and Mirren can do double duty. and reprising his Oscar-winning role.

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