Elizabeth Warren’s revenue rose to $ 1.36 million last year after book advances

WASHINGTON — Senator Elizabeth Warren and her husband reported about $ 1.36 million in total income in 2021, a higher amount than in recent years due to a six-figure advance the senator received for his books “Pinkie Promises” and “Persist.”

The senator, who already earned $ 250,000 in an advance from Macmillan Publishers for the books in 2020, was paid $ 730,000 in a second installment last year, according to financial disclosure documents she released Friday.

In 2020, the pair reported $ 882,322 in total income, up from $ 745,077 in 2019.

The value of the pair’s investments, which were mostly in index funds and mutual funds, fell somewhere between about $ 4 million and $ 9 million, according to Warren’s annual Senate financial disclosure form, which requires assets to be reported at intervals. (The true upper range may be higher than $ 9 million, depending on the upper limit of two accounts independently owned by Warren’s husband, Bruce Mann.)

This is a smaller range than Warren and Mann reported in 2020, when their investments amounted to between $ 5.4 million and $ 15 million.

The senator has tabled a bill with Montana Republican senator Steve Daines to prevent lawmakers and their spouses from trading in individual stocks and bonds to prevent conflicts of interest and insider trading. She and Mann do not trade individual shares of companies, according to her revelation.

Warren received a salary of $ 173,334 from the Senate last year, while Mann received a salary of $ 393,669 from Harvard University, where he is a professor.

Their income places them in the top 1 percent of U.S. households, but not within the top 0.05 percent of households the senator has proposed taxing with an “Ultra-millionaire” tax to raise income for child care, infrastructure and other priorities.

Warren and Mann reported about $ 405,000 in total federal taxes of $ 1,293 million in adjusted gross income, putting their tax rate at 31 percent. That was an increase of about 3 percentage points from the rate of 28.4 percent they owed in 2020. The average tax rate for households in their income range was 25.6 percent in 2019, according to the party-political Tax Fund.

She and her husband donated $ 77,027 to charity last year, according to the tax return that Warren has released each year since entering public service in 2008. That’s about 5 percent of the couple’s total income.

—Globe correspondent Pranav Baskar contributed to this report.

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