‘Flight Attendant’: Season 2 Episode 6 – Kaley Cuoco and Sharon Stone

THE INTERPRETERS | Kaley Cuoco and Sharon Stone

THE SHOW | The stewardess

THE EPISODE | “Brothers and Sisters” (May 12, 2022)

THE PERFORMANCE | While last week’s episode was heartbreaking, considering Cassie’s fall(s) from the wagon, this week’s trip home was devastatingas Cassie and her estranged mother endured a very unexpected and contentious reunion.

Prior to said reunion, Cuoco had already delivered a raw and painful read of Cassie’s letter to her and Davey’s not-so-dead-dead father — so we were already in her corner, hoping for any sort of “victory” to come. But when Lisa greeted her children with a grunt, “Jesus, Davey. You could have warned me,” we knew another emotional ride was upon us.

Cassie did her best to set an awesome tone, but all Lisa could talk about was how her daughter and her friends used to throw house parties and rob her. “Now that we’re all caught up,” Lisa growled, “what are we going to talk about on our Christmas phone call?”

But a lot more catching up needed to be done, as mom and the kids moved into the kitchen and Cassie overheard Lisa lamenting her presence. This is where Cuoco and Stone dove hard in the material at hand, pricking old unhealed wounds and letting out harsh words.

“I’m sorry for being like my daughter, especially after dad died. I was a dysfunctional, alcoholic teenager,” Cassie admitted. When that didn’t elicit any reaction, she added that “taking responsibility for my life and my actions is a big part of my journey now,” and again apologized for not being “nicer” as a child.

And mom just…. didn’t care.

“Is that it? Because if it is, I don’t think we’re addressing it here,” Lisa said, as Stone crossed to stand next to TR Knight’s Davey, giving the impression of an intervention. “Nobody is mad at you for what you did when you were little” following the death of the father while driving while intoxicated. “That’s what you do as adult it matters,” Lisa asserted, before recounting examples of Cassie’s shitty adult antics. “You think an apology will make it all go away!”

Throughout this dialogue, Stone clarified that Lisa was armed for the bear and had years stuff to get out of his chest. Cuoco in turn portrayed Cassie as confused and hurt, someone who truly believed that an “I’m sorry” would clean up a sordid past.

things have particularly hairy as Lisa confirmed her daughter is still no stranger to drinking. Cassie claimed it was “hard to turn it off”, then tried to turn it around and ask why did Davey, who actually left the house, get a free pass? “You are supposed to grow, learn and move on,” Lisa replied.

Cassie admitted that “Dad made me feel special and not screwed up” and that her time with him “disappointed” Mom. “That’s horrible, and I’m sorry,” she offered again. When Cassie then asked what she needed to do to prove she was better…. well, that put up Stone and Cuoco’s biggest punch of a while. Lisa cupped her sobbing daughter’s face to say, “Cassie, honey, I love you. I To do. But I don’t love you. To everything.” And with a gentle pat on Cassie’s cheek that turned into a harsh (and unscripted) slap, Lisa excused herself to “go to work,” leaving an apoplectic Cassie behind and capping off a nine-minute streak. hard to watch, but captivating. .

HONORABLE MENTION | Jessica Biel’s Powerful, Layered Performance as Hulu’s Titular Character Candy was convincing despite her Mrs. Roper wig and oversized glasses, not because of them. It’s through these glasses that we’ve seen The fisherman the alum’s grinning mine morphs with his murderous persona’s moods to reveal lust, guilt, deceit, rebellion and ultimately, blood-soaked volcanic rage. Why was Candy so angry? Was she splenetic due to society’s restrictive mores, sexism, and her husband’s neglect, or had Betty really tried to kill her? Unfortunately, as far as the actual case is concerned, we will never know. Thanks to the portrayer’s five-part turn as an attention-hungry suburban alpha mother, who wielded an ax to brutally murder her friend and free herself, Biel’s iteration of Candy is the most chilling fiction to date. .

Hacks Hannah Einbinder Season 2, Episode 2HONORABLE MENTION | In episode 2 of hacks‘ second season, Ava Daniels walked on eggshells, tormented by the guilt she felt for her act of duplicity. Hannah Einbinder showed a tornado of feelings, torn between being an overcompensating “Yes Woman” and continuing her spiral of shame. When she finally opened up, the actress made us feel her character’s remorse with mournful eyes and body language, especially since her boss forced her to read the email aloud. , word for word atrocious. In the final moments, Einbinder continued to lead us through the emotional whiplash, as Deborah seemingly let her off the hook. But this sweet relief was only a temporary balm: she then learned that Deborah was suing her for breach of contract. While Ava certainly deserves everything that’s been happening to her, it’s Einbinder’s finesse that has made it all so effective.

stewardess-season-2-episode-6-kaley-cuoco-sharon-stoneHONORABLE MENTION | We only need three words to describe our reaction to Gray Damon’s visceral performance on Thursday’s show. Station 19: We. Have been. Empty. The feat, however, deserves more than three. Much more. After the episode began, he channeled Jack’s nervous excitement at the prospect of meeting the brother he never knew, the actor conveyed with small gestures and twitches his disbelief. character and his untold pain at learning he had even more siblings, all of whom were babysat and raised by mom and dad. Later, Damon nearly opened a vein as Jack unleashed his angst over being “turned from predator to predator” in foster care, all because his parents… “They didn’t want me,” sobbed- he. Stunning work – raw, real and admirably vulnerable.

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