Formerly GTA V Illustrator reinvents video games as vintage comic book covers

Artist Mike Scicluna has branched out from his work at Rockstar Games to create a range of beautiful posters that pay homage to both modern video games and classic comics.

Mark Scicluna’s CV is full of credits on classic games like Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption 2 and The black, but a series of posters on the artist’s website prove that Scicluna’s love of video games goes far beyond the Rockstar catalog. The illustrator has excellently masked scenes from modern games such as Dead Space, god of war and Head with a range of vintage cartoon aesthetics. The resulting art provides some really inspired “what if” comic book covers from the 1950s, 60s and beyond.

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Most of the imaginary front pages are reminiscent of Silver Age comics, especially Silver Age horrors like Creepy Magazine, with big, bold titles in creepy fonts and the hero or heroes either swarming with monsters or handing out some violence themselves . However, Scicluna’s pictures do more than remember the covers of an earlier era. The artist has gone the extra mile to make every detail of his paintings look like something that was printed decades ago and that has managed the time to go on sale in 2022. For example. The ghost of Tsushima the cover looks like a cartoon that had been lost on a ceiling for years, with large folds and age streaks in the “paper”. It has a title bar at the top that says “Action Game Heroes,” and above a cut of the story’s star samurai is the comic book’s release date (February 4) and its price (25 ยข).

Scicluna seems to be a particular fan of certain developers and franchises. Naughty dogs The last of us and Uncharted franchises adorn no less than six posters, while another five are dedicated to Capcoms Resident Evil game. It seems that Scicluna is not averse to injecting any skewed humor into his art as well. One The Last of Us Part 2 the picture shows the protagonist Joel Miller being held down while a figure hovers over him with a golf club in his hand. The hectic text bubble over Joel’s shoulder reads: “Can Ellie make it in time to save Joel? !!” Another inside joke for fans is the single word in Kratos’ chat bubble on The god of war cover over. “Boy!!!” the demigod screams as he prepares to swing his icy ax. In the background, his son Atreus appears unimpressed.

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The artist also appears to be a fan of classic Naughty Dog games, as the iconic character Crash Bandicoot appears on no less than 12 posters in the gallery. Scicluna drops the estuary’s aesthetic in these posters and goes for something far more inspired by Warner Bros. and Looney Tunes. The illustrator shows here his impressive grip on a variety of styles, as these glossy, poppy, colorful and silly posters would fit perfectly in a children’s room.

Scicluna has illustrated 25 children’s books and won three Illustrator of the Year Awards at the Malta National Book Awards. He currently works as a senior illustrator at Rockstar Games. Scicluna’s posters can be printed on a variety of materials, including paper, canvas and metal, with a glossy or matte finish. The posters are available for sale at Redbubble.

Source: Mark Scicluna, Redbubble

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