Fred Savage ‘self-reflecting’ after ‘Wonder Years’ firing

Fred Savage has “done a lot of self-reflection” since being fired from ABC last week.

Sources close to the actor-turned-director — who was fired from ABC’s ‘The Wonder Years’ reboot due to misconduct allegations — told Page Six he was “committed to considering any act objectionable”.

“Fred really took this issue very seriously and did a lot of self-reflection on how he could and should have handled different circumstances better,” we are told.

The source also said Savage, 45, “knows he can be a hole sometimes”, adding, “There are some unresolved issues that Fred wants to deal with.”

Even so, we’re told Savage received “overwhelming support” from friends and colleagues on the “Wonder Years” production.

The father-of-three is also “fully supported” at home by his wife, Jennifer Lynn Stone.

Fred Savage
Fred Savage has been doing ‘self-reflection’ since being fired from ‘The Wonder Years’ reboot.
ABC via Getty Images

The exact allegations have yet to be made public, although they are not sexual in nature. Representatives for Savage declined to comment.

As a child star, Savage became a household name for his role in ‘The Princess Bride’ and he went on to star as Kevin Arnold in the original series ‘Wonder Years’ between 1988 and 1993.

Fred Savage on set
Fred Savage was director for the “Wonder Years” episodes.
ABC via Getty Images
Fred Savage and his wife Jennifer Lynn Stone
Savage is “fully supported” by his wife, Jennifer Lynn Stone.

He started producing and directing TV projects in the late 90s, and has now become a go-to director in Hollywood, working on sitcoms from “Modern Family” to “Black-ish.”

He continues to act and has appeared on shows such as “Working”, “The Grinder” and “Friends From College”.

The cast of the original Wonder Years
Savage rose to prominence as a child star in the original “Wonder Years.”
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A spokesperson for 20th Television confirmed that Savage was let go from executive producing and directing “The Wonder Years” earlier this month.

“Recently, we became aware of allegations of inappropriate conduct by Fred Savage, and as required by policy, an investigation has been launched,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

The Wonder Years reboot cast pictured
The specific allegations against Savage have not been made public.

“Upon completion, the decision was made to end his employment as executive producer and director of ‘The Wonder Years’.” They declined to comment further.

People have reported industry insiders saying Savage can be “quick to anger.”

However, the source who knows Savage told Page Six, “He really wants to be empathetic and to listen.”

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