It’s such a perfect day for the first Westworld season 4 teaser


When we last checked in on Westworld at the end of its third season in 2020, things weren’t looking particularly good… for anyone (us included). Evan Rachel Wood revolutionary robot Dolores had sacrificed herself to destroy a machine that had been quietly controlling humanity for years, Tessa Thompson’s machine. evil A copy of Dolores had started assembling an army of Terminators, Ed Harris’s Man In Black had convinced himself to start doing shit just before he was executed by his own doppelganger robot, and also writing in general came off an extremely steep cliff, messing up much of the goodwill that had been established earlier in the race when it seemed Westworld would cleverly flip tropes rather than dive into it headfirst.

But maaan, it’s still a cool show, and it’s hard to avoid falling back into its trappings all over again when you remember how cool it could be. This trailer for the show’s fourth season probably won’t blow your mind, and Westworld not going to do a favor if he keeps letting the public think that a witticism is going to happen any moment, but it’s nice to see all of our old friends from the cowboy theme park again, even though a lot of our friends are bad guys now.

The trailer features Aaron Paul, Thandiwe Newton, Harris, Jeffrey Wright (who’ll likely drive a lot of mind-blowing stuff this season, given his storyline’s weird ending in season three), Thompson, Luke Hemsworth, and – try acting surprised – Evan Rachel Wood. Is Dolores back? Yeah, probably. She’s a robot, and season three made it clear she had Batman-esque plans on top of plans on top of plans, so we never really believed she was dead in the first place.

And finally some good news for Westworld fans (we really deserve it): season 4 will air on June 26th. Since it’s been two years, it’s relatively early!

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