Marvel’s Savage Avengers # 1 – Cartoon Preview

Barbarian Conan assembles a whole new, completely different, dangerous team Savage Avengers this coming Wednesday and you can see the official preview of the first issue of the new series here …






A BRAND NEW, EVERYTHING DIFFERENT, EVERYTHING DANGEROUS TEAM ASSEMBLES! Since his exile from the Hyborian Age, Barbarian Conan has conquered the most dangerous enemies the modern Marvel universe has to offer – but what happens when this hard-nosed Cimmerian is on the run from the cybernetic soldier of the future known as Deathlok? Outcompeted and outcompeted, Conan must turn to an unlikely group of loner, berserk and murderers if he hopes to survive the night – but can these Savage Avengers defy Deathlock’s murderous manhunt, or become the next targets in tomorrow’s crosshairs? Do not miss a bold new beginning for Marvel’s most wild superheroes, as Ringo Award-winning author David Pepose (Spencer & Locke, Scout’s Honor) and superstar artist Carlos Magno (KANG THE CONQUEROR, RoboCop: Dead or Alive) introduce a sensational new lineup , which will resonate across every era of the House of Ideas!

Savage Avengers # 1 goes on sale on May 18 for $ 3.99.

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