Milford Schools holds ‘In the Time of the Butterflies’

Milford Exempted Village Schools will not remove

Milford Exempted Village Schools will not remove “In the Time of the Butterflies” from its 10th grade English curriculum, officials announced Thursday morning.

The district reviewed the novel after receiving three civil complaints that considered its content sexually inappropriate and a threat to Christian values. They are the only requests to get through the central office for at least five years, said director of secondary curriculum and education Paul Daniels.

Located in the northeast suburbs of Cincinnati, Milford Schools serves approximately 6,600 students in Clermont County. Its high school is ranked among the top 60 Ohio schools, according to US News & World Report magazine.

Parents who filed complaints said the book’s theme is “sex and evil” and that it exposes children to “an unhealthy view of sexuality, pornography” and hinders the Christian faith.

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“Assigning this book is willing and deliberate to level out obscenity to minors,” one parent wrote.

Controversy erupted on social media after members of the Milford community wrote a post on Facebook about the book, leading to hundreds of comments from both sides.

“WARNING, THIS CONTENT IS EXPLICITY! Our 10th graders are being forced to read this pornography at school!” user Amy Boldt wrote in a 15-minute Facebook group.

A committee consisting of parents, teachers and administrators read and reviewed the book per. board policy and met Wednesday night to vote on whether the book should be banned from Milford’s curricula. After a discussion, five committee members voted to continue including the book in the curriculum, and one voted to limit it to “more mature students.” No one voted to remove the book from Milford’s curriculum.

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