Netflix explores live streaming for the first time; Unscripted and Comedy – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Netflix is ​​online for the first time.

Deadline understands that the streamer is exploring the launch of live streaming.

It plans to roll out the capacity, which Netflix has confirmed is in the early stages of development, for its lineup of unscripted shows and stand-up specials.

This would mean Netflix could use it to vote live for contest series and talent contests such as its upcoming dance competition series. Dance 100 from The circle producer Studio Lambert.

Likewise, he could use it if he decides to bring back his Netflix Is A Joke festival. The live comedy event featured approximately 300 stand-up shows across Los Angeles, including Dave Chappelle, Larry David and Pete Davidson. Many shows were being filmed with plans to air around 12 on the service. In the future, there could potentially be live broadcasts, but with a few seconds delay in case things get naughty.

Other options include live reunions for shows such as sell sunsetwhich just aired a special for its fifth season.

The move opens up the possibility of commissioning an entirely new slew of unscripted series to use the technology, aligning it with linear networks, which often air live specials for major competition series such as ABC. american idol and Dancing with the stars, which is moving to Disney+.

The company has already experimented with different release models for its unscripted series and social experiences such as the Circle and Love is blind and the move would add additional intrigue to such shows.

The next inevitable question is whether such a move could be rolled out to cover the sport, which has been a hot topic of discussion given its recent success in the F1 series. Drive to survive. However, Deadline understands that this has nothing to do with these suggestions.

There’s no timeline and sources warn it’s still early days for the live-action rollout, but a small group within Netflix is ​​in the early stages of product development.

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