Ozark Star Julia Garner Reveals How She Really Feels About Ruth’s Season 4 Ending

**Spoilers ahead!**

ozark fans mourn the death of Ruth Langmore and the actress too Julia Garnier.

On April 29, Netflix dropped ozark season 4 part 2 and the crime drama’s ending sent shockwaves through the fandom. After Julia avenges her cousin Wyatt (Charlie Tahan) by killing his murderer Javi (Alphonse Herrera), Camila, the cartel leader’s mother (veronica falcon) fatally shoots him in revenge. Unsurprisingly, seeing their favorite character die instead of Marty (jason batman) or Wendy (Laura Linney) did not appeal to many people. “Why did they do this to Ruth 😭,” one person wrote on Instagram. “I wish Ruth had stayed up and not Wendy!” another added.

But Julia might not agree. Before getting the script detailing how ozark would end after almost five years, the actress already felt that Ruth had reached the end of her road. Although it was a little hard to digest, Julia made her peace with it and she hopes the fans will too.

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Talk with Weatherthe Invent Anna The star shared why she thought her character’s story ended the way it did. “I really think Ruth died when Wyatt died,” she told the outlet. “I think his body was right there. She wasn’t going to voluntarily leave life, but I think she was so dead inside that if given the opportunity to die, she wouldn’t say no.

Julia continued: “In the end, it is not her who goes towards death, it is death which comes towards her. At the end of the season, she didn’t care about living. She did what she had to do, she killed Javi, and after that mission she was like a ghost.

As for Marty and Wendy getting away in no time thanks to Jonah (Skylar Gaertner), it did not mean that the family had got away with it. “I don’t consider this a win for Byrdes, even though they think they are winning. I think they are lying to themselves,” she explained. “They might have won the battle, but they didn’t win the war. When you get your hands dirty, they can never be clean.

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So, did Julia agree with ozark only having four seasons? Yes and no. Her connection to Ruth made her want more – but eventually she saw the decision. After all, she’s preparing to step behind the camera herself as a producer on future projects.

“Artistically, I want to end on a high note, because that’s probably the smartest decision. You never want to be the last person to leave the party,” she said. said “Personally, and selfishly, I could do this show until I’m 70.”

But even with the curtains falling ozark, Julia won’t soon forget her on-screen family. “ozark isn’t just a page of my book, it’s chapters of it,” she told the magazine. “It’s not just a job. It’s a part of me.

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