Photo London 2022: Overlap books: Viacheslav Poliakov

Viacheslav Poliakov – Lviv – God’s will

Overlap published the book Lviv – God’s will with Viacheslav Poliakov in 2018 after discovering him as a FOAM Talent artist in 2017. The expressions in this book really give a sense of the socio-political and psychological position of many Ukrainians in the period between Russia’s annexation of Ukraine and this invasion in 2022 It’s hard at a long distance not to worry daily about the horrors that people go through, so we would like to take this opportunity to Photo London to highlight Viacheslav’s artistry to a wider audience. We want posters for sale at our booth and all proceeds go directly to the artist in Ukraine. We also have the London launch of our new title ANNOYING by Italian documentary photographers Jean-Marc Caimi and Valentina Piccinni. It is an unfiltered, personal and intense account of Xylella, the plant epidemic that threatens Europe. Caimi & Piccinni focused on the situation and environmental damage of local farmers in Puglia, southern Italy, over a period of six years. The duo worked in the groves with farmers facing the destruction of their history, culture and livelihoods, forced to cut down olive trees from inheritance to prevent the spread of infection to Northern Europe. Millions of trees have already been felled and there is no known cure for the disease.

Most Overlap books focus on storytelling through the use of visual elements, sometimes layered with texts, archival images, and ephemera. While our topics and stories cover social, cultural and environmental issues, all related to human experience, we try to incorporate a wide range of voices into collaborations and think towards the reader’s experience.


Photo London 2022
12 – 15 May 2022
Somerset House

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