Russia fails to seize territory in rebel-held Ukrainian region

Ukraine said on Thursday that Russian forces have failed to capture areas in a Ukrainian region during the ongoing invasion of the eastern European country.

Ukraine’s Armed Forces General Staff said in a statement that Russian forces attempted to take Oleksandrivka village in Donetsk Oblast and Voyevodivka village in Luhansk Oblast after conducting “assault operations,” but those attempts failed.

The General Staff also reported other failures on the Russian side, including a failed attempt to take control of areas in the Voyevodivka settlement.

According to the General Staff, Russian troops also failed to improve the tactical position of their troops when they ‘stormed’ the areas of Kharkiv, Bakhmut and Avdiivka.

Russia fails to seize territory in Ukraine
Ukraine said Russian forces have failed to capture areas in a Ukrainian region during the ongoing invasion of the Eastern European country. Pictured above, a soldier patrols Popasna, Ukraine’s Donbas region, on April 14, 2022.
Photo by RONALDO SCHEMIDT/AFP via Getty Images

Meanwhile, the Kyiv independent reported on Thursday that Russian forces have tried to keep Ukrainian troops in the Donbas region away from the Severodonetsk area in Luhansk Oblast, an area where fighting is taking place.

Some of Russia’s alleged failures in Ukraine have been reported recently, including an update by the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense on Sunday detailing some of the setbacks Russia is experiencing during its ongoing invasion. The ministry added that those failures “will likely continue”.

“The forward deployment of commanders has exposed them to significant risks, leading to disproportionate losses of Russian officers in this conflict,” the ministry said. said in a tweet† “This has resulted in a force that is slow to respond to adversity and unable to change its approach on the battlefield. These problems are likely to persist given the relative lack of operational command experience of the promoted officers rather than the fallen. .”

Senior commanders were also urged to take to the battlefield, likely to personally lead operations due to “difficulties in command and control” and “faltering Russian frontline performance,” according to the British Ministry of Defense.

“However, it is not clear that the presence of these commanders on the battlefield has led to a refined or modified concept of operation. Flawed planning assumptions and failures in support continue to undermine Russia’s progress,” the ministry added.

Meanwhile, other officials have noted that Russia is not achieving its desired goals in Ukraine. Pentagon press secretary John Kirby recently said at a briefing that Russia is making no progress in its war.

“All I can tell you is that the Russians in the Donbas and the south have not made the kind of progress we think they wanted to make. We really believe they are behind schedule. We believe it has been slow, and at each In turn, they have encountered stiff Ukrainian opposition,” Kirby said.

The Pentagon’s press secretary also said Russia’s precision-guided missiles failed to hit their targets in Ukraine, possibly due to “technical difficulties,” adding that “it could certainly be Ukrainian defenses, or it could simply be incompetence on the part of the Pentagon.” the operators can be.”

news week contacted the Russian Foreign Ministry for comment.

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