Check Out Tatiana Maslany Twerking Behind The Scenes

Screenshot: marvel studios Ah, I believe it was that wise old philosopher Garfield the cat who called Labor Day the moment we”celebrate work by playing all day.” So let’s celebrate twerking as well, and take a moment to enjoy these totally delicious photos of Tatiana Maslany, pre-CG, twerking with Megan you stallion on last week … Read more

Tiffany Haddish speaks out on ‘Through A Pedophile’s Eyes’ skit

Tiffany HaddishPhoto: Matt Winkelmeyer (Getty Images) Tiffany Haddish speaks out after a 2014 skit, ‘Through A Pedophile’s Eyes,’ was sued against her and fellow comedian Aries Spears. Plaintiffs Jane and John Doe accused the comedians of sexually abusing a minor while filming the skit. “I know people have a lot of questions. I understand. I’m … Read more

Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears sued by family over ‘Through A Pedophile’s Eyes’ video

Left: Tiffany Haddish (Photo: ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images), right: Aries Spears (Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images) [Note: This article contains descriptions of sexually suggestive material involving a minor.] Comedians Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears face a new trial this week, The daily beast reports. Both comics were accused by “Jane Doe” and “John Doe”, two … Read more

Rob Schneider Says Kate McKinnon’s ‘Hallelujah’ Cover Ended SNL

Rob SchneiderPhoto: Frazer Harrison (Getty Images) take a break from The Multiverse of Adam Sandler’s Netflix Movies and conference civil rights hero john lewis about Martin Luther King Jr., comedian and The hot chick star Rob Schneider decided to join the ever-present online argument of: is Saturday Night Live even better? In a recent interview … Read more

The Goldbergs eliminate the character of Jeff Garlin before season 10

Jeff Garlin Photo: Timothy Norris (Getty Images) We wouldn’t expect a 80s high-energy comedy like ABC The Goldbergs at down the grisly avenue of killing off a lead actor, but that’s exactly what the co-showrunners planned by Jeff Garlin Patriarch Murray Goldberg before season ten. In a new interview with Weekly entertainmentco-showrunners Alex Barnow and … Read more

Apple TV+ drama halts production due to extortion threats

Natalie PortmanPhoto: Franco Origlia/Getty Images for Disney Natalie Portman and Moses Ingram are filming their next Apple TV+ series lady in the lake in Maryland this summer, but production in Baltimore has just been shut down for a somewhat surprising reason: “drug dealers” have threatened to show up on set and “shoot someone” if the … Read more

Steve Carell gives a mesmerizing performance

Steve Carell in The patientPhoto: Suzanne Tenner/FX You’ve never seen Steve Carell as he is in The patient. It anchors FX’s captivating limited series with its best dramatic performance yet, a sublime and overwhelming work that stays with you long after the finale credits. It transcends the memory of Officeof Michael Scott and his dramatic … Read more

Paramount is filming a documentary on the return of Louis CK

Louis CKPhoto: Getty Images for the Tribeca Television Festival If you ever needed a clear example that the so called “cancel culture” is not real and that some people who have been accused or admitted of misconduct have no problem maintaining a level of success similar to what they had before, just look at Louis … Read more

Voice actor Vic Mignogna loses appeal in defamation lawsuit

Image: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images (Getty Images) In 2019, Vic Mignogna, a voice actor whose credits include Dragon Ball ZRWBY, and Fullmetal Alchemist, has been accused of sexual harassment by multiple parties goes back many years. Later that same year, Mignogna would later sue his employer Funimation (which, like Rooster Teeth, Hellom following an internal investigation), … Read more