The Peripheral with Chloë Grace Moretz gets a teaser from Prime Video

At Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy Westworld Season 4 may have just wrapped, but the producers have another thrilling sci-fi series in store for audiences, with Prime Video unveiling the first trailer for the upcoming series. The ringroad. Kind of like how Westworld brings to life a beloved story by author Michael Crichton, The ringroad … Read more

Fired HBO Max executives reveal Warner Bros. kills diversity and woos ‘Central America’

FFormer HBO Max executives say the streaming service found itself with few people of color overseeing its diverse lineup of programming as Warner Bros. Discovery continues its ongoing corporate reorganization. The platform reportedly laid off nearly 70 people this month. That includes all teams overseeing unscripted content, kids and family, and international content, according to … Read more

Hellraiser Reboot Gets Hulu Premiere Date, First Pinhead Look Revealed

The brand new hellraiser adaptation of the creative team originally from last year The night house got a release date, with the film debuting on Hulu in October. Just last week, the film got an official R rating, confirming the project was finished, sparking speculation about when the project might be unveiled. Hulu has confirmed … Read more

The Vampire Academy Series Gets a Full Peacock Trailer

Based not only on its embedded and passionate fan base, but also on previously disappointing adaptations of the source material, the upcoming vampire academy The Peacock TV series is one of the most anticipated YA projects on the horizon, with the all-new series earning its first full trailer. As if another take on the material … Read more

How to watch the new ‘A League of Their Own’ TV series

The New York Post may receive revenue from affiliate and advertising partnerships for sharing this content and/or when you make a purchase. Take me to the ball game. But, if not, at least get me a TV and let me watch the new TV show “A League of Their Own,” airing August 12. The show … Read more