Star Wars should embrace TV and stop being movies altogether

Image: lucasfilm Just when we’re about to have a new one star wars show in the form of Andor-the second of three shows this year, if you need remind, the movie side of the franchise took another notable hit. Thieves Squadron, a film originally planned to be directed by wonder woman Patty Jenkins for a … Read more

Milly Alcock talks about filming that kiss in House Of The Dragon

Milly Alcock Photo: HOLLIE ADAMS/AFP (Getty Images) (This post contains spoilers for House Of The Dragon season 1, episode 4. Proceed with caution!) From the point of view of this non-actor, there is a few aspects of showbiz that seem more uncomfortable than filming a sex scene – one of them, however, is definitely filming … Read more

Which Marvel villain do you want back?

Image: marvel studios marvel’s Presentation D23 yesterday gave us our first look at what looks to be the full headlining squad of 2024 Love at first sight film. Although it sports old MCU antagonists like Ghost of Ant-Man and the Wasp and black widow Taskmaster isn’t exactly what you’d call “nasty”: from Falcon and Winter … Read more

Season 4 Adds Lex Luthor, November Release Date

Image: Warner Bros./DC Television A little like harley quinn and Doom Patrol, Titans managed to avoid DC’s recent showdown on HBO Max, as it was already confirmed for a fourth season last year. The gritty and often silly version of the Teen Titans has never been afraid to delve into the parents of its emotionally … Read more

Harley Quinn Tells Batman’s Origin Story In A New Way

Screenshot: Animation BM HBO Max harley quinn the series is popular enough to not only survive the streaming service’s recent bloodbath, but also to manage to score a fourth season. If you watched the recent episode where reformed family man Joker runs for mayor of Gotham, you probably know why. But like good like harley … Read more

House of the Dragon Remade GRRM’s Worst Game of Thrones Scene

Image: Ollie Upton/HBO HBO hasn’t been shy about trying to remove the heat from Amazon’s very popular The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power premiere, including a literal and figurative scorcher of a battle scene in last night’s episode. But it turns out Dragon Housethe third episode, “second of his name,” has an … Read more

The Netflix show wins an Emmy and gets the making of a series

Image: Netflix/Fortiche Productions 2021 saw the start of Esoteric on Netflix, and caught everyone’s attention. Whether you are a fan of League of Legends or go completely blind, the CG series became a darling of critics and fans alike that continued Netflix pretty good sequence adaptations of video games. But if that wasn’t enough, the … Read more

Eric Kripke Says Supernatural Was Inspired By Neil Gaiman’s Sandman

A good John Constantine cosplayScreenshot: The CW Last Friday, rolling stone published an article on Neil Gaiman, an impressive and in-depth interview that covered the author’s career, from the ‘80, when Gaiman, then 26, started writing The sand man for Vertigo comics. During the interview, he talked about how he managed to attempt to do … Read more

The Last of Us TV series features Joel and Ellie’s journey

Screenshot: HBO Max Neil Gaiman confirms that The sand man hasn’t been renewed for a second season…yet. yellow jackets threw away Elijah Wood as a “citizen detective”. The buffy the vampire slayer the reboot was put on ice, and Primitive leans toward the supernatural. Spoilers ahead! national treasure 3 In a recent interview with comicsJerry … Read more

The Sandman might not get a second season on Netflix

The sand manPhoto: netflix With all of HBO Max’s troubles, it can be easy to forget that just a few months ago, Netflix was going through a lean season on its ownwhich led to the streaming service cutting back on costly and riskier efforts in favor of gender tariff with the lowest common denominator that … Read more