Ezra Miller’s story is getting darker and sadder

Ezra MillerPhoto: Neilson Barnard (Getty Images) No one likes to see Ezra Miller’s name in the headlines these days. The beleaguered star of the fantastic beasts upcoming franchise and DC the flashMiller has been the subject of intense confusion, scorn and concern in recent years, beginning with the 2020 allegation and accompanying video that he … Read more

The third (and final) season of The Owl House premieres in October

Image: Disney Animation by Disney The owl house managed to really carve out a place for itself in the current era of Western animation, and a fanbase that grew as its second season aired (in stops and starts, of course). The good news is that the series returns in October for the third season. The … Read more

Which Marvel villain do you want back?

Image: marvel studios marvel’s Presentation D23 yesterday gave us our first look at what looks to be the full headlining squad of 2024 Love at first sight film. Although it sports old MCU antagonists like Ghost of Ant-Man and the Wasp and black widow Taskmaster isn’t exactly what you’d call “nasty”: from Falcon and Winter … Read more

Season 4 Adds Lex Luthor, November Release Date

Image: Warner Bros./DC Television A little like harley quinn and Doom Patrol, Titans managed to avoid DC’s recent showdown on HBO Max, as it was already confirmed for a fourth season last year. The gritty and often silly version of the Teen Titans has never been afraid to delve into the parents of its emotionally … Read more

Remember, Brendan Fraser’s Renaissance Started With Doom Patrol

Photo: Bob Mahoney/HBO People are ready for Brendan Fraser to make his comeback. By all accounts, this will happen with The whale, the upcoming film from Darren Aronofsky starring Fraser as a 600 lb. An English teacher trying to reconnect with his daughter, which, according to the buzz, has already put him in the running … Read more

Harley Quinn Tells Batman’s Origin Story In A New Way

Screenshot: Animation BM HBO Max harley quinn the series is popular enough to not only survive the streaming service’s recent bloodbath, but also to manage to score a fourth season. If you watched the recent episode where reformed family man Joker runs for mayor of Gotham, you probably know why. But like good like harley … Read more

The Netflix show wins an Emmy and gets the making of a series

Image: Netflix/Fortiche Productions 2021 saw the start of Esoteric on Netflix, and caught everyone’s attention. Whether you are a fan of League of Legends or go completely blind, the CG series became a darling of critics and fans alike that continued Netflix pretty good sequence adaptations of video games. But if that wasn’t enough, the … Read more

Spy x Family returns with new episodes in October

Image: Cloverworks/WIT Studio Earlier in the year, Spy x Family made its debut on Crunchyroll, and took the anime world by storm. Created by Tetsuya Endo, the delightfully weird stars of the series master spy Loid Forger who adopts a young girl named Anya as part of his new mission, and later enters into a … Read more

Oh Thank God The New Urkel And Batman Cartoons Are Both Apparently Safe

Left: Steven Urkel from a 2019 episode of Scooby-Doo and guess who? Right: Some kind of Batted Man (Screenshots: YouTube) A silver lining, faintly visible in the flickering light of the extended garbage fire that is currently HBO Max’s animated effort: Urkel’s cartoon still lives. (Batman too, if you’re some kind of deviant who cares … Read more

Rise of the TMNT Crew Reflects on the Show, Talks About Abandoned Plans

Image: Nickelodeon/Netflix Nickelodeon’s Mayfly The Rise of the Mutant Teenage Turtles may have caught the eye in its early days, but it quickly found an audience that was very happy to sing the show’s praises for years. Now that the last iteration of the turtles has landed movie on netflixwhich also contains the full first … Read more