Kaley Cuoco, Pete Davidson’s IRL Dating, Cute Wasn’t Cute

In Meet cute, Kaley Cuoco is a time traveler who keeps having the same first date with a guy named Gary (really? Gary?), played by Pete Davidson. This groundhog day-as the premise is always a less bizarre set of circumstances than the star’s first actual encounter. “He was attached to this movie way before me. … Read more

Kathy Griffin roasts Chris Pine for skipping Jimmy Kimmel

This week alone, Chris Pine missed two promotional appearances for don’t worry darling, which has been mired in a particularly messy publicity tour. First, Pine didn’t show up for the New York premiere, which he smoothed over by sending a pre-recorded video message. A day later, he gave up an interview to Jimmy Kimmel live. … Read more

‘The Midnight Club’ Trailer Reveals Mike Flanagan’s New Series

Mike Flanagan is back with another horror series for Netflix. Following critical acclaim, Midnight Mass (and The Haunting of Hill House), Flanagan returns with a 10-episode adaptation by Christopher Pike The Midnight Club. (As well as a few of the author’s other works for good measure.) The show will feature a group of terminally ill … Read more

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney filmed their colonoscopies

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney once bought a football team together, so why not film themselves having colonoscopies? It’s a natural progression. In an effort to raise awareness about colon cancer prevention, the Welcome to Wrexham stars have teamed up with Brooks Bell and the Colorectal Cancer Alliance to launch the “Lead From Behind” initiative. … Read more

John Oliver Drops ‘Law And Order’ On Blast For ‘Fantasy’ Show

β€œIn the criminal justice system, sexual offenses are considered particularly heinous. In New York, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious crimes are members of an elite team known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories. [Dun dun!] – At Dick Wolf Law and Order: SVU Everyone knows this intro, but it turns … Read more

Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle dragged Will Smith to the show

Will Chris Rock ever forgive Will Smith? If so, it won’t be soon. The comic started cracking jokes about getting slapped on live TV by someone who won an Oscar soon after, and he doesn’t seem ready to feel conciliatory. Instead, he was hard-hitting, even stating that he had no interest in returning to the … Read more

[WATCH] John Oliver married a cabbage in “Last Week Tonight”

John Oliver spent the summer doing what we all do: worry. When he’s not meticulously tackling issues both grand and seemingly mundane, while slipping asides on everything from Dr. Oz’s fractious campaign in Congress to Dakota Johnson’s (fake) love of lime. But now it’s the end of summer, and so he did what everyone expected: … Read more

The prize is in Amazon’s new ‘Lord of the Rings’ show

Much has been said about the budget of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Too much, one might say. But I wouldn’t make that argument. It’s the most expensive show in television history, coming in at $715 million for the first season alone if you include the nearly $250 million Amazon paid … Read more