Scott Bakula explains why he won’t be on a new show

Image: NBCUniversal Next week, NBC’s reboot of quantum leap will be broadcast. While it’s been in the air for a while if waking up would never happenthe question has since moved to whether Scott Bakula would return to reprise original hero Sam Beckett. And if you were hoping for some sort of legacy coat story, … Read more

Zendaya’s mom wasn’t exactly welcome at this year’s Emmys

ZendayaPhoto: Frazer Harrison (Getty Images) Another strike (preceded by faux-death Jimmy Kimmel and record ratings) to add to this year’s Emmy Awards: Zendaya’s mom allegedly got into trouble with security trying to kiss her daughter before she was accepted. Zendaya won Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Emmy for her work as a drug-addicted and … Read more

Britney Spears still has no plans to perform again

Britney SpearsPhoto: mike windle (Getty Images) Britney Spears is still recovering from her decade-plus conservatorship in her own way, which has ruffled the feathers of her parents, siblings, ex-husband and children. But the self-proclaimed “weird weird introvert” has always walked to the beat of her own drummer, and if you don’t like that, you can, … Read more

Milly Alcock talks about filming that kiss in House Of The Dragon

Milly Alcock Photo: HOLLIE ADAMS/AFP (Getty Images) (This post contains spoilers for House Of The Dragon season 1, episode 4. Proceed with caution!) From the point of view of this non-actor, there is a few aspects of showbiz that seem more uncomfortable than filming a sex scene – one of them, however, is definitely filming … Read more

Remember, Brendan Fraser’s Renaissance Started With Doom Patrol

Photo: Bob Mahoney/HBO People are ready for Brendan Fraser to make his comeback. By all accounts, this will happen with The whale, the upcoming film from Darren Aronofsky starring Fraser as a 600 lb. An English teacher trying to reconnect with his daughter, which, according to the buzz, has already put him in the running … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence Says Harvey Weinstein Rumors Were “Weird”

Jennifer LawrencePhoto: CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT/AFP (Getty Images) In the age of the internet, the rumor mill doesn’t stop for anyone, but it’s safe to say that celebrities get the weirdest of weird. However, there’s added madness when 1) a rumor comes from a colleague and 2) it comes with such a demeaning and intrusive tone as … Read more

YouTuber Solves Strange TV Movie Mystery in 1990s Family Photo

A clip from the recently rediscovered TV movie “The Soulmates: The Gift of Light” which first aired in Canada in 1991.GIF: YouTube/Gizmodo Will Sloan, a movie podcast host in Canada, first posted an old family photo online in 2016, asking if anyone knew what cartoon was playing on TV in the background. Strangely, no one … Read more

Check Out Tatiana Maslany Twerking Behind The Scenes

Screenshot: marvel studios Ah, I believe it was that wise old philosopher Garfield the cat who called Labor Day the moment we”celebrate work by playing all day.” So let’s celebrate twerking as well, and take a moment to enjoy these totally delicious photos of Tatiana Maslany, pre-CG, twerking with Megan you stallion on last week … Read more

There’s a Rick and Morty ad for God Of War: Ragnarok

Screenshot: adult swimming rick and morty advertised for God of War: Ragnarok, broadcast on television last night. Why? I do not know. Because everything, for the rest of time, now has to be all overlapping memes? I understand that rick and morty is really very popular. It’s the sixth season that just launched on Adult … Read more

Moviegoers settle for The Invitation on a poor weekend at the box office

The invite Photo: Sony Pictures Boy, this surprise Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes to bump of course it was good, but like everything dragonball fan knows, anything exciting should be followed by a few episodes of boring stuff so the good guys can get ready for another exciting battle. So it’s actually a cool service … Read more