Kaley Cuoco, Pete Davidson’s IRL Dating, Cute Wasn’t Cute

In Meet cute, Kaley Cuoco is a time traveler who keeps having the same first date with a guy named Gary (really? Gary?), played by Pete Davidson. This groundhog day-as the premise is always a less bizarre set of circumstances than the star’s first actual encounter. “He was attached to this movie way before me. … Read more

Kathy Griffin roasts Chris Pine for skipping Jimmy Kimmel

This week alone, Chris Pine missed two promotional appearances for don’t worry darling, which has been mired in a particularly messy publicity tour. First, Pine didn’t show up for the New York premiere, which he smoothed over by sending a pre-recorded video message. A day later, he gave up an interview to Jimmy Kimmel live. … Read more

Star Wars should embrace TV and stop being movies altogether

Image: lucasfilm Just when we’re about to have a new one star wars show in the form of Andor-the second of three shows this year, if you need remind, the movie side of the franchise took another notable hit. Thieves Squadron, a film originally planned to be directed by wonder woman Patty Jenkins for a … Read more

Keanu Reeves’ Constantine Sequel Kills JJ Abrams’ Constantine Show

Image: Warner Bros Television. Just before the start of the weekend, Warner Bros. Discovery surprised everyone by revealing that a sequel to their 2005 Constantine film was in development. With Keanu Reeves and original director Francis Lawrence were both set to return, it seemed like a pleasant shock…until it had to be remembered in 2021, … Read more

Henry Silva, known for his many tough roles, dies at 95

Henry Silva, a prolific actor best known for playing villains and badass in The Manchurian Candidate, Ocean’s Eleven and other films, has died at 95. Henry Silva. (Source: Associated Press) Silva’s son, Scott Silva, told Variety that his father died Wednesday of natural causes at the Motion Picture and Television Country House and Hospital in … Read more

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney filmed their colonoscopies

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney once bought a football team together, so why not film themselves having colonoscopies? It’s a natural progression. In an effort to raise awareness about colon cancer prevention, the Welcome to Wrexham stars have teamed up with Brooks Bell and the Colorectal Cancer Alliance to launch the “Lead From Behind” initiative. … Read more

Cobra Kai Season 4 Exclusive Deleted Scene

Guillaume Zabka in Cobra KaiScreenshot: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) may have matured in the years since Karate Kid-and during the spin-off TV show –but the man is what he is: a dedicated teacher and kind of a jerk. It’s the charm of Cobra Kai! A scene deleted from Cobra Kaithe fourth … Read more

Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle dragged Will Smith to the show

Will Chris Rock ever forgive Will Smith? If so, it won’t be soon. The comic started cracking jokes about getting slapped on live TV by someone who won an Oscar soon after, and he doesn’t seem ready to feel conciliatory. Instead, he was hard-hitting, even stating that he had no interest in returning to the … Read more

Amazon Celebrates Lord of the Rings Viewership, Suspends Reviews

Image: Amazon Studios After so many trailers showcasing sweeping views and talks about what would it be compared to the films of Peter Jackson, Amazon Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power the series was eventually dropped before the start of the weekend. You can read our review of the show herebut it’s no secret … Read more

Amazon says 25 million people have already watched The Lord of the Rings

Image: Amazon Studios There is a bit of wisdom that you learn quite quickly, when part of your job is to trying to understand how well a given streaming thing performs, in terms of ratings: companies keep quiet about numbers unless they have something to say that makes them look pretty Damn good. Amazon, for … Read more