‘Atlanta’, ‘P-Valley’ and Other Shows Give Black South Their Due

CNN — For decades, the blueprint for a black show hit similar notes — a stable, middle-class family based in New York or Los Angeles. Of course, sometimes the family consisted of a group of friends, as seen on “Girlfriends.” And other times the city was in the Midwest, as seen on “Family Matters” (Chicago) … Read more

Barack Obama wins Emmy for storytelling on Netflix’s National Parks series

Angels — Barack Obama is halfway to an EGOT. The former president won an Emmy Award on Saturday to go along with his two Grammys. Obama won the Emmy for best storyteller for his work on the Netflix documentary series, “Our Great National Parks.” The five-part show, which features national parks around the world, is … Read more

new doc reveals for anniversary

The world stopped spinning when news of pop legend Michael Jackson’s death broke in late June 2009. The 50-year-old ‘Thriller’ singer was found unresponsive in his Los Angeles home after suffering cardiac arrest caused by the anesthetic propofol – a drug allegedly regularly administered by Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray . The death was ruled a … Read more

Megan Thee Stallion is fed up with Nancy from ‘Stranger Things’

There are few things that annoy avid TV series viewers like an up-and-coming love story. It’s almost impossible not to choose sides, but it’s also inevitable to be disappointed. Yesterday, Megan Thee Stallion had the opportunity to put stranger things actress Natalie Dyer in the hot seat over Steve’s treatment of her character, Nancy, as … Read more

Criminal Justice 3 trailer: Pankaj Tripathi returns as lawyer Madhav Mishra to fight his toughest case; LOOK

Pankaj Tripathi returns as Madhav Mishra with his toughest case in the critically acclaimed series, Criminal Justice 3 is back with a twisted case at hand: the death of popular child star Zara Ahuja, and the main suspect in his murder – his own brother, Mukul Ahuja. With wit and humor by his side, Madhav … Read more