‘Stranger Things’ Reunion Selfie From The Show’s Most Unlikely Duo Is Driving Fans Crazy

“Stranger Things” fans hoping to see more Eddie Munson and Chrissy Cunningham got what they wanted…sort of. Grace Van Dien, who plays Chrissy, shared a photo of herself with Joseph Quinn, who plays Eddie: It seems likely the image is from Fan Expo Canada from August 25-28, where they were both featured, along with several … Read more

Netflix’s Resident Evil series canceled after one season

Image: Courtesy of Netflix Lance Reddick is still cool as helland Capcom video games will presumably last forever, but by Netflix resident Evil The series joins the list of shows that had one season at the streamer and weren’t brought back for more. Deadlinewho broke the news of the cancellation, attributes the show’s unique status … Read more

Stranger Things 5 ​​will have fewer new characters, say Duffer Bros.

Image: netflix If there’s one thing we can generally agree on about stranger things, is that the cast is then damn big. Between the Hawkins children and their family members to be scattered across the country to make new friendsthe various governmental and supernatural figures, and Hopper’s party in Russia you could really feel like … Read more

Stranger Things creators finally vow to add new characters to the cast

Eduardo Franco and Charlie Heaton, briefly seen in the last season of stranger thingsPhoto: netflix Although it started out pretty focused – two adults, three high schoolers, five tweens, a flesh monster, and Matthew Modine, the cast of Netflix’s hit sci-fi series stranger things has a little expansive during the last years. This isn’t to … Read more

Megan Thee Stallion is fed up with Nancy from ‘Stranger Things’

There are few things that annoy avid TV series viewers like an up-and-coming love story. It’s almost impossible not to choose sides, but it’s also inevitable to be disappointed. Yesterday, Megan Thee Stallion had the opportunity to put stranger things actress Natalie Dyer in the hot seat over Steve’s treatment of her character, Nancy, as … Read more

Watch the Unforgettable ‘Stranger Things’ Kids Audition Tapes

The young stars of stranger things have had something special since day one. In newly released clips from the kids’ original audition tapes, fans can clearly see what drew casting directors to the actors who would become the heart of stranger things. Casting director for the hit Netflix show, carmen cubasat down in a video … Read more

Netflix has good games but no one is playing them

Photo: Mykolastock (Shutterstock) Since last year, netflix offered its subscribers access to free video games. Now data shows that less than one percent of its users actually play any of these games. And while the streaming giant has announced more games coming to its service, very few of its more than 200 million subscribers are … Read more