Queen Elizabeth’s funeral marks the end of the television dominance that began with her coronation

CNN Business — The BBC regards the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 as “the event which did more than any other to make television a mainstream medium”. So it’s fitting that her funeral on Monday marks the end of the television dominance that began when she ascended the throne. At the time, the … Read more

Google finally fixes Google TV lag

Google TV is getting some much-needed improvements under the hood. Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo If your Chromecast with Google TV seems slow to start up lately (mine is), there’s good news on the horizon. Google has made a series of “under the hood” changes to Google TV to help it feel faster and more … Read more

YouTuber Ray Mona Discovers Unaired US Sailor Moon Pilot

A Sailor Moon cosplayerPhoto: Christophe Furlong (Getty Images) For years, the collective internet has been fascinated by the mystery of an Americanized society. Sailor Moon pilot, which was created in the early 90s with the aim of marketing existing toys based on the Sailor Moon anime to Western children without having to force anyone to … Read more

Here’s why HBO Max is pulling dozens of movies and TV series

HBO Max from Warner Bros. Discovery removes 36 movies and TV series from its platform. There are three main reasons why this happens. The movies and series — which include 20 HBO Max original shows such as teen drama “Generation” and “Sesame Street” spin-off “The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo” — will be dropped by end … Read more

The streaming wars are over

New York CNN Business — In November 2019, Disney launched Disney+, kicking off the so-called streaming wars and prompting media companies to spend billions of dollars launching services to take on Netflix. Netflix was seen as the existential threat to the legacy media industry, so following its lead on subscriber growth was the strategy — … Read more

Netflix has good games but no one is playing them

Photo: Mykolastock (Shutterstock) Since last year, netflix offered its subscribers access to free video games. Now data shows that less than one percent of its users actually play any of these games. And while the streaming giant has announced more games coming to its service, very few of its more than 200 million subscribers are … Read more