Warner Bros. just doesn’t care about his streaming service, huh?

Image: Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images If there’s one thing that sets Warner Bros. Uncovering its various rivals among major media conglomerates is how much of a fuck streak the newly merged company seems to be giving on the concept of streaming. We’ve had plenty of examples of this stupidity already, of course, starting … Read more

Rick & Morty Wedding Season

rick and morty; Rosa Salazar in wedding season; Matthew Fox in the last lightPhoto: swimming for adults; Luke Varley/Disney+; MGM/NBCU/Peacock Television Welcome to What’s On, our weekly selection of must-watch shows. Here’s what you need to watch from Sunday, September 4 through Thursday, September 8. All times are in Eastern Time. [Note: The weekend edition … Read more

Way Down pastor calls HBO Max a ‘big win’

Gwen Lara Shamblin Photo: Courtesy of HBO Max In some ways, when God closes a door, he really opens a window. Although HBO Max viewers and creators overwhelmingly lament the crippling layoffs and content eradication it became the norm before a merger with Discovery+, there are those who don’t see the changes as a bad … Read more

HBO Max Treats Fans and Animation Creators Like Garbage

infinite trainImage: HBO Max It’s telling that when trying to parse out the current PR and talent disasters surrounding HBO Max, you have to start by clarifying what you’re talking about. Are you talking about the destruction of nearly completed films, suddenly transformed from creative works into simple tax deductions under the pen of new … Read more

Angry NewsNation staff members were asked to promote Chris Cuomo

The fledgling cable network that has hired Chris Cuomo to host a primetime show this fall is already asking staffers to promote the disgraced anchor — and some aren’t happy about it. Cuomo, whose former 9 p.m. CNN show “Cuomo Prime Time” averaged 1 million nightly viewers in its final year, is being heralded by … Read more

Vince Gilligan wants to write a good guy

It takes a decent man to create a cruel world. It’s hard to imagine fifty-five-year-old, soft-spoken, graceful, and supremely modest Vince Gilligan staying too long in the violent, whitewashed New Mexico he brought to the screen. The universe of “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul,” two of the most acclaimed shows of the century, is … Read more

Pretty Little Liars takes place in the Riverdale-Verse

See? bad nuns,Screenshot: The CW Roberto Aguirre Sacasa has been a very busy man for many years now; among the pile of hats he currently wears are the executive producer caps of the two Riverdale and the Pretty little Liars spin off Original sin. Now he has used his terrible power to shatter the two … Read more

Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary May Be 3 Episodes, New Doctor

Photo: Lauren Mustoe (Getty Images) A trio of doctors come together to celebrate 60 years of Doctor Who. With Dear friend (Sex education) next in line and ready to start filming in November, The Hollywood Reporter learned that the transition to the next era of the series might go a little differently. Outgoing showrunner Chris … Read more

Amen, Chris Pratt – I’ve had enough of the woke critics too

Chris Pratt did something heroic this week. He exposed one of the media’s most obnoxious trends – insufferable woke reviews – when he followed them on Instagram after receiving bad reviews for his new Amazon Prime show “The Terminal List”. His series was criticized by writers in outlets including the Daily Beast and Slate for … Read more

Criminal Justice 3 trailer: Pankaj Tripathi returns as lawyer Madhav Mishra to fight his toughest case; LOOK

Pankaj Tripathi returns as Madhav Mishra with his toughest case in the critically acclaimed series, Criminal Justice 3 is back with a twisted case at hand: the death of popular child star Zara Ahuja, and the main suspect in his murder – his own brother, Mukul Ahuja. With wit and humor by his side, Madhav … Read more