Megan Piphus Peace is the first black puppeteer of “Sesame Street”

sesame street puppeteer Megan Piphus Peace. Screenshot: Vanderbilt University Like many children, Megan Piphus Peace took on the puppets on sesame street and Lamb Chop Play-Along “were real and didn’t know someone was exploiting them.” It was in these classic children’s shows that the Vanderbilt alum first discovered her interest in puppets and ventriloquism. Of … Read more

There’s a Rick and Morty ad for God Of War: Ragnarok

Screenshot: adult swimming rick and morty advertised for God of War: Ragnarok, broadcast on television last night. Why? I do not know. Because everything, for the rest of time, now has to be all overlapping memes? I understand that rick and morty is really very popular. It’s the sixth season that just launched on Adult … Read more

The Goldbergs eliminate the character of Jeff Garlin before season 10

Jeff Garlin Photo: Timothy Norris (Getty Images) We wouldn’t expect a 80s high-energy comedy like ABC The Goldbergs at down the grisly avenue of killing off a lead actor, but that’s exactly what the co-showrunners planned by Jeff Garlin Patriarch Murray Goldberg before season ten. In a new interview with Weekly entertainmentco-showrunners Alex Barnow and … Read more

Cosmic Fury brings back the Dino Fury team

Image: Hasbro/Netflix Through Power Rangers‘ long and storied history, each new show features a whole new set of Rangers to save the world. But, there have been instances of repeats: several of Nickelodeon’s seasons such as Samurai and ninja steel their teams stayed for one more season, with this second set of episodes adding “Super” … Read more

This Buffy The Vampire Slayer Reboot Is Now Officially “On Pause”

Photo: Hulton Archive (Getty Images) Four years agonews broke that Joss Whedon – working with Monica Owusu-Breen, who would serve as showrunner on the new project – was developing a reboot of his beloved TV breakthrough, buffy the vampire slayer. Now Indiewire reports only after a long period of silence – and complications around whedon … Read more

Aaron Paul ‘can say with confidence’ we’ll never see Jesse Pinkman again

Aaron PaulPhoto: Sam Wasson (Getty Images) Shattering our long held hopes that we could one day tune into Netflix and look El Camin-Dos: Another Breaking Bad Story , Aaron Paul has now said that he almost certainly put out his last “Bitch!” like Albuquerque meth entrepreneur Jesse Pinkman. Paul gave revelation to THRwho was doing … Read more

Stranger Things 5 ​​will have fewer new characters, say Duffer Bros.

Image: netflix If there’s one thing we can generally agree on about stranger things, is that the cast is then damn big. Between the Hawkins children and their family members to be scattered across the country to make new friendsthe various governmental and supernatural figures, and Hopper’s party in Russia you could really feel like … Read more

Stranger Things creators finally vow to add new characters to the cast

Eduardo Franco and Charlie Heaton, briefly seen in the last season of stranger thingsPhoto: netflix Although it started out pretty focused – two adults, three high schoolers, five tweens, a flesh monster, and Matthew Modine, the cast of Netflix’s hit sci-fi series stranger things has a little expansive during the last years. This isn’t to … Read more

D’Arcy Carden didn’t want to be typecast after The Good Place

D’Arcy Carden in A league apartChart: Anne Marie Fox/Prime Video Although Ted Danson and Kristen Bell have been The right place, the rest of the NBC sitcom ensemble soon saw its stock rise thanks to the pointed and philosophical series. Like the inhuman the assistant Janet, D’Arcy Carden played a key role in establishing the … Read more