This Confusing ‘House of the Dragon’ Episode 6 Trailer Explained

Dragon House delivered a bloody episode 5 on HBO Max on Sunday. But if you stuck around after the credits to catch a glimpse of Episode 6, you might have felt confused. Suddenly, new actors play major roles, and the plot jumped years into the future. What is happening here?

Spoilers ahead, of course.

How far did the show jump in time?

The preview begins with a dragon flying, then a member of the King’s Little Council saying, “We should address the latest development of the Stepstones.” Wait, didn’t Prince Daemon already do that by cutting the Crabfeeder in half? Ohhh, wait, that’s not a replay. The Stepstones give Viserys ulcers again.

Queen Alicent, now played by 28-year-old Olivia Cooke instead of 19-year-old Emily Carey, helpfully tells us that it’s been a decade since Daemon fought this battle, and he’s since left the region helpless. Was that…supposed to be his permanent job in the future? That doesn’t leave much time for murdering women and having fun with nieces. But what we get out of it: It’s about 10 years in the future, so prepare to see your favorite and least favorite characters aged and, in some cases, recast.

New Rhaenyra and Alicent, same old feud

The camera then cuts to Princess Rhaenyra, formerly played by Milly Alcock22, and now played by 30-year-old Emma D’Arcy. From the way Rhaenyra corrects her queen and her former best friend, and the way Alicent tilts her head and gives Rhaenyra the look of death, it seems like they haven’t repaired their friendship. the last 10 years.

Long live the king

Hey! It’s King Viserys at the table, isn’t it? Still played by Paddy Considine. And while he looks like he needs some cream rinse and looks pretty weak, at least he’s not dead, which is surprising considering how much scarring he had. How many fingers am I holding up, Your Highness? These leeches must know their stuff.

Aegon grows

Then Larys Strong, the clubfooted man who spilled the tea about moon tea preventing pregnancy in episode 5, is heard asking, “What are children but a weakness?” I already hate this guy, Littlefinger style.

Still, his line is the perfect lead-in to our introduction to the next generation of Targaryen. We see a younger Targaryen, likely Alice’s second son Aemond, encounter a dragon. Then we see Aegon, now a teenager, Viserys and Alicent’s first son, and royal family member, much of the kingdom wants to serve as Viserys’ heir – simply because he’s a man and Rhaenyra doesn’t. ‘is not. (Aegon is now played by Tom Glynn-Carney, which shouldn’t be a huge adjustment since we’ve barely seen the child actor play him before this.) He’s trained to fight (his opponent could be the son of Rhaenyra?) and Aegon seems quite arrogant.

He also wears green, the color of his mother’s house, as we hear him say, “You will be our king”. It looks like she took inspiration from her father, Otto, and is now pushing her son to the throne, not her old friend Rhaenyra.

Rhaenyra is a mother

Rhaenyra married Laenor Velaryon in Episode 5, shortly after the princess’ protector, Ser Criston Cole, beat the man Laenor truly loved to death in a pre-wedding celebration that turned bloody. The couple agreed that they would find sex elsewhere, and it seems from the preview that many people in the kingdom believe that Rhaenyra’s babies are not her husband’s biological offspring.

Additionally, she was seen holding a baby next to a young boy. Her children lack the shocking Targaryen blonde hair that she and Laenor both have; they have brown hair instead. Sounds like that’s what Queen Alicent is sputtering when she says, “Having one kid like that is a mistake, having three is an insult.”

So when you see a kid with black hair, it’s probably Rhaenyra’s, and the blond kids are Alice’s. One of Rhaenyra’s sons utters the famous “Dracarys!” commands and his dragon enlightens someone. I think it’s a goat, not a person, but anyway… ouch!

Marriage is in the family

We also see a mother and daughter who appear to be pregnant Laena Velaryon and her child. Laena has also been recast and aged, and is now played by Nanna Blondell. And who is her husband, seen riding dragons with her? It does appear to be Prince Daemon (Matt Smith). Yes, they are related. Yes, they got married and had kids anyway, like almost everyone else on this show. VC Andrews has nothing on George RR Martin. Also, don’t be shy, because this is a couple that will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Ser Criston switches sides

Ser Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel) started out as Rhaenyra’s protector, then killed her husband’s lover at her wedding, and now he may be on the side of Queen Alicent, who talked him out of committing suicide in Godswood at the end of episode 5. He saw fight Ser Harwin Strong (Ryan Corr), aka Harwin Breakbones, known for his strength. If Ser Harwin is now Rhaenyra’s protector, it could essentially be an Alicent-Rhaenyra proxy fight here. Stay tuned.

House of the Dragon Episode 6 premieres September 25 on HBO Max.

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