Watson shares his first children’s book with TJA students

TJA student talks to Stuart Watson about his new book, Sofia Loves Tortillas.

Sofia loves tortillas. They are her favorite food. But exactly where do they come from? And who should she thank for making them available to her?

Journalist and new children’s book author Stuart Watson visited the Thomas Jefferson Academy last week to read to students from his new book, Sofia loves tortillas.

In the book, which is written in both English and Spanish, the title character takes a journey to meet all the people involved in the creation of her favorite food.

“It’s about gratitude,” Watson said. “It’s about saying thank you.”

Watson, who writes under the pen name BB Bowen, examined the process and includes illustrations of real people he interviewed behind the tortilla making process. Among these people is William Brett, a farmer in Emanuel County whose wife, Sandy, is a teacher at the Thomas Jefferson Academy.

Author Stuart Watson autographs copies of his books for students.

The farmer visited TJA along with Watson to talk to the kids about the special corn he grows specifically for the tortilla market.

“William Brett tells her that only God can make the corn grow, and so at the end of the day they are back at the restaurant and thank God for the tortillas,” Watson said.

An illustration by Liza Donovan from the book, in which the title character, Sofia, talks to Emanuel County farmer William Brett about the corn he grows, which is used to make the tortillas she loves.

Watson donated a copy of the book to the school library and made it available to students.

The book is available online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and through independent booksellers.

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